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Balance Training


TRP Physiotherapy Ankle and Knee Balance Training

  1. Single leg Balance-> Close eyes once 3 minutes reached
  2. Star excursion-start on inured leg and reach as far as possible FORWARD, BACK AND LEFT, BACK AND RIGHT
  3. Wobble Board or pillow balance -> Add wall ball throws
  4. Skipping (or double leg hops) à must achieve 50 hops pain free to progress
  5. Single leg Hop ON the spot -> soft landing -> Can start running program once 50 hops reached pain free. Ankle taped for >6 weeks post injury
  6. Trampoline Hop ON the spot
  7. Hop TO the+ start Centre, hop forward, hop Centre, hop right, hop Centre, hop back, hop left and continue.  +
  8. Hop around a small brick/box landing in line with each corner
  9. Figure 8 hops

Discharge and return to sport J

  • Completed balance and running program pain free
  • Ankle DF length
  • Completed one week of training + game with no swelling or pain.
  • Ankle must be strapped for atleast 6 weeks after return to sport

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